How to Stop a Dog From Chewing - Fast!

Chewing is an all-natural part of each dog's life and can not be eliminated entirely. Now, with that said, there are various ways to redirect our dogs attention onto appropriate activities such as for example obedience training, thus reducing the amount of chewing we have to deal with. I understand how annoying it can be once you come back home to see that your favorite shoes are totally wracked, I've been there too:) Let me tell you what tips on the best way to stop a dog from chewing I used to partially eliminate this habit.

One of the easiest tips on puppy training pads best to stop a dog from chewing is to start taking your pet on regular walks where he will receive a chance to operate free for a little, socialize with other animals and play games with you. If you keep it good enough (around 1 hour) your dog will end up really exhausted and this is often what you want to achieve here. Tired dogs make sleeping their priority and do not get involved in any undesired behaviors.

You can also consider signing your pet up for an obedience class where you will learn how to teach him basic obedience commands and strengthen the partnership you've together with your dog. Remember, combination of mental and physical efforts such as the one provided by obedience training can be a very exhausting experience and will further aid in alleviating the chewing habit.

For some years now the unquestioned leader in the the chewing toys market may be the Kong company. Their toys can be stuffed with dog food and snacks and force your dog to work very hard in order to have them out, piece by piece. This might take hours and for the time being your pet will remain calm and quiet. Make sure to have one of the Kong toy always available, keep it in your pocket or in the kitchen. Whenever you catch your dog red handed, damaging one of many valuable items in your house, rather than screaming or hitting him simply switch both things and praise your pet if he starts chewing on the Kong toy.

I understand this tip on the best way to stop a dog from chewing sounds silly but it's as simple as that. During the training you need to hide all of the stuff that's valuable or put it somewhere your pet can't reach. Make sure to place Kong toys in the same spot where your dog previously searched for things to chew. Also, teach him the'find'command in order that as time goes on you will have a way to instantly redirect his attention from undesired activities onto home exploration. Simply tell your dog to'find'one of the Kong toys and take him with one to the place where it's hidden. On your way there keep repeating cheerfully'find'and'good dog'to be able to associate this activity with fun and pleasure.

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