The Best Elephant Sanctuaries In Chiang Mai

Check out what the best elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai are during your visit to Thailand. Find out what makes an ethical elephant experience, the history of elephants in Thailand, the top elephant sanctuaries to visit, and more!

There is a crazy amount of Elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai. Walk down any street and you will be surrounded by travel agencies showing off their popular elephant experiences. Though, with so many options to choose from the experiences vary widely. Thailand itself has over 80 elephant camps, mostly in the North so it is important that you choose one which is best for you, as well as the elephant sanctuary chiang mai involved for your Chiang Mai itinerary.

As a traveler, it can be easy to get swept up at the moment and do something you may just regret later. I remember looking back at my parent’s photos of them riding elephants in Thailand and cringing. Though this was back in the early 2000s where there was, unfortunately, a lack of knowledge and understanding of responsible tourism and access to information. When I then went on my backpacking trip to Thailand and was asked by my mother if I would too ride an elephant I said no and explained my reasons why.

Before we get into the top elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai and about responsible tourism I would just like to say thank you for researching this subject and taking it seriously. It is important we get the word out and encourage them to partake in responsible tourism by visiting ethical elephant sanctuaries.

The Best Elephant Sanctuaries In Chiang Mai: How To Have An Ethical Elephant Experience

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