Operating Range and Time Calculations Applying Microsoft Excel and MapPoint

The full total market of sites which are target of some organization, as well as the amount of salesmen and revenue managers, may be different in one company to some other, with regards to the market branch. Also it may rely on company's strategy in the market. However, every organization in virtually any industry branch may make an effort to cover the maximum amount of outlets with as less as you can employees.

It is simple to describe that intention. More sites you cover directly during your sales representatives, more sales you can expect. While you are able to access the retail sites ultimately, through merchants, however it is much better to own strong contact to the market.

We note that the purpose is to find the balanced method between price of employment, instruction and support to the number of income associates from part and achievement of budgeted sales size on another side. This is a typical issue of the FMCG firms that offer a massive level of a wide portfolio, which carries quickly, through branched network of suppliers, that are just about heavy distributed, through the entire geographical industry area.

Assessing the market universe could be the stage of calcolo benzina data of most retail sites in the given market. That survey requires standard data collecting, estimate of income and potential, size of outlet, visit volume of consumers, etc.

You will have some outlets that you may want to miss from your own path planning. It is very hard to cover all stores in the market. In certain branches, where there is the small number of shops it may be possible. However for a FMCG organization with tens of thousands of stores, it is more sensible to omit the cheapest amount of retailers from the option planning.

Next step is placing of visit volume for the outlet categories. Here you use the Pareto principle. Since the absolute most of company's income originates from the somewhat small number of stores, they deserve the greatest visit frequency. Therefore, model of visit frequency may appear to be:

After classification of stores and placing of visit volume, it is essential to assess the average time used in store for normal activity. On top of that you determine different time, e.g. driving time, etc. Finally you've the amount of people that you need to find the best outlet universe coverage. Of course, this can be high priced, in case those sales representatives cannot right warrant their number and thickness on the market, through the increase of sales.

Thus, you ought to begin with minimal quantity of income people. If their factor to the business enterprise is justified, then the number of revenue associates may be increased gradually. It is the greatest to re-asses and strategy sales power structure during the Annual Business Planning.

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